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Buying a home is probably one of the most significant financial transactions you will ever have to make. Even slight differences in the mortgage you choose can translate into thousands of dollars of savings when it comes to paying off your loan – which is why it is so important to get the best mortgage right from the start.

At RMA Mortgages based in Vaughan, and service the Greater Toronto Area, we have expert mortgage brokers and agents whose job it is to sift through all the various mortgage options out there and to offer you those mortgages which work best for your unique financial situation.

The great advantage of using a mortgage firm such as RMA is that, unlike a bank, we don’t represent any particular lending company or product. Instead, we have access to more than 40+ different mortgages on offer from all the banks, credit unions, private investment funds, trust companies and other mortgage lenders.

As mortgage agents, it is our job to be familiar with the entire spectrum of home buying loans that are available on Toronto’s mortgage market – and understand the intricate differences between each and every one – so that we can come up with the mortgage that is the most appropriate fit for you, and will make the most financial sense for you in the long run.


RMA Mortgages: customized mortgages to fit your financial needs

When you choose to work with an RMA Mortgages agent, we will put your best interests first. We will sit down with you to discuss your financial situation, levels of current debt, aspirations regarding style of home and location you are looking for, employment, acceptable levels of monthly payments, fees and documentation costs, and all the other important details that will affect your mortgage payment amounts.

Armed with this information and our own in-depth knowledge of mortgage business, we will then sift through all the many mortgage packages available in the Toronto area until we pinpoint those lending institutions and mortgage deals that make the most sense for you.


RMA Mortgages brokers keep on top of Toronto’s current mortgage trends

Remember, the mortgage market fluctuates daily and it is important to track these changes so that you don’t miss out on great mortgage opportunities when they arise.

At RMA we follow the mortgage lending markets closely so we always know when a new or adjusted loan becomes available from a bank, credit union, trust company, private funds or other lending source.

With an RMA Mortgages broker of Vaughan working on your side, you can be certain of getting the best available mortgage that will enable you to buy the home of your dreams, pay it back comfortably each month and at the most affordable rates to save your hard-earned dollars in the long run.


Other Benefits of RMA Mortgages brokers

Because we work in the Toronto mortgage market on a daily basis, we are very familiar with all the lenders’ needs in terms of financial information, assets statements and disclosures, property appraisals, credit reports and other documentation that is needed for you to be approved for a mortgage loan. We can assist you in gathering this information and in accurately filling in all the application forms on your behalf.


In our mortgage pre-approval process we can help and guide you by answering all of your questions, and asking you the right questions so that you get a clear and accurate picture of how you are willing and comfortably able  to borrow to finance your home.


And even if you are not able to put together the usual 20% down-payment that is required for most mortgages, RMA brokers of Vaughan may be able to assist in finding you a competitive mortgage loan that fits your needs.


To get the ball rolling why not call RMA Mortgages Brokers of Vaughan for a free, pre-approval appraisal so that you can get first-hand experience of the expert services and mortgage loans we have on offer.

Telephone: 416-433-6919

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Visit our Vaughan office at 77 - 9100 Jane St. Vaughan, ON L4K 0A4 or

Toronto Office at 9-4400 Bathurst St. Toronto, ON M3H 3R8

Fax: 416-214-9999

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  • Qualifying rate: 4.84%

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