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7 Tips Before Moving Homes

       Moving Homes Making You Dizzy?

          Here are 7 Tips from RMA Mortgage to Make it Easy


Moving homes is not easy, but it can be exciting if you plan well. Whether it’s a new city, neighbourhood or the next block in Hamilton, the effort remains the same. You still have to pack up, declutter, unpack, organize, get familiar with your surroundings and make new friends. If all of this sounds overwhelming or stressful, follow these guidelines to make moving homes easier, especially if you are first time home buyer.

Hire Professional Movers

First and foremost, never make the mistake of attempting to move without professional help. This can create more stress and hassles. If you don’t pack with care, your items might not reach your new home in good shape. If you don’t want to end up spending thousands of dollars in an effort to save a few hundred, hire professionals. They know how to handle electronics, glassware, heavy and delicate items the right way. They have the strength in numbers as well as the tools to transport goods without damaging the floors or walls. Search online or check with your friends for reliable references.

Carry Valuables Yourself

Avoid sending items of high value with movers. Keep precious jewellery, important documents, watches, and small items of sentimental value with you. This way, you won’t lose them in transit.

Call the Internet and Cable Provider

You don’t want to be without cable and internet for weeks after moving in. Call the internet and cable providers as soon as you can. Some condos have contracts with a certain service, check to ensure you are talking to the right one.

Change Locks

The previous owners might have the keys to your new home. Make sure you change door locks at once. Get extra sets of your new keys: a spare for another adult member of your family and one for emergency. Reprogram your garage door. Call garage door manufacturers if you need help.

Check Safety Features & Install Fittings

Call professionals to ensure the smoke detectors are functioning properly. Check new appliances, light fixtures, and the HVAC system before you move in. Many new homes do not have enough light bulbs. Fix lamps or light bulbs before your boxes arrive, so you are not left groping in the dark with goods strewn everywhere while unpacking.


If you need new cabinets, closets or furniture, try to have them in before the movers arrive. This gives you space to install them before your wares fill up the home. You will also have storage to put away your clothes, kitchen items, glassware and artifacts when the movers arrive. Nothing is more overwhelming than sitting in a new home cluttered with opened boxes and no cabinets to put away your artifacts.

Pest Control

Before your boxes arrive, make sure the home is clean and sprayed for house bugs. Steam clean carpets, thoroughly, clean all cabinets, toilet seats, kitchen corners, and the patio before the movers arrive.

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