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Is your real estate agent looking out for you?

When it comes to purchasing a new home, it can always be worth it to have a real estate agent there to help you find the best home that will suit your needs. Real estate agents know their area best, and they are supposed to get you the best deals that they possibly can. This typically results in finding you hidden gems or going up to bat to get you the perfect price on your dream home. However, there are times that your real estate agent may not have your best interests at heart. There are times that you need to sit back and examine if your real estate agent is really on your side.

Work within your budget

One of the first things that you should take the time to examine is if your real estate agent is respecting your budget. Most real estate agents operate on commissions, and they receive a larger payout if you purchase a more expensive home. If your agent is deflecting questions or providing you with reasons for showing you more expensive homes then you can afford, they may just be using you as a paycheque.

Have your best interest in mind

If you are a first time home buyer in Hamilton, you may be worried about where to live or what neighbourhoods are best for you. Your real estate agent should recognize this and work with you on helping to find you the perfect home. If your real estate agent is instead choosing to show you run down homes or even homes beyond what you can afford then they may be either trying to offload a home on you or trying to upsell you.


Often, crafty real estate agents may try to sell you homes that they are responsible for. This means that they are trying to sell you a home from another one of their clients. This typically results in a larger cut for themselves as they earn commission from both the selling and purchasing of the home. If you only find yourself being shown a very small amount of homes and your agent refuses to show you anything else, they may be trying to get you to only purchase a home they are selling.


Real estate agents are a wonderful asset for anyone hunting for their perfect home. They know the area and the local laws and regulations better than anyone else and can provide you with the assistance that you may need when you are purchasing your next home. Your home is important and should never be something that you find yourself unsure about. If you feel that your real estate agent does not have your best interest at heart then it may be worth it to look for another real estate agent. Before you do, come see our mortgage brokers in Hamilton. They have the best mortgage rates in Hamilton and they can also provide you with a bad credit mortgage if that is what you need.

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