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Up to 120 Days Rate Hold

When you’re shopping around for a Vaughan or Toronto mortgage a 120 day mortgage rate hold is equivalent to having your cake and eating it to!

Having a 120 day mortgage rate hold on a mortgage offer from any specific lender means that you can continue to shop around to try to find even better deals with lower interest rates, less points and other beneficial details that will lower your payments and cut the overall cost of taking out mortgage loan.

But at the same time if, for any reason, the base mortgage interest rate on the market as a whole should rise you can always fall back on the rate locked in by the lender who offered your 120 day mortgage rate hold placed so you still get the best possible home purchase financing deal on the market.

It really is a win-win situation for the buyer.

RMA Mortgages brokers has a portfolio of more than 40 mortgage lenders including banks, private investors, trust funds, credit unions, and other financiers who frequently include 120 day mortgage rate holds in their offers.

We will sit down with you to sift through these offers together to get to the bottom line on the financial implications of accepting each one.

Even very small differences in interest rates, points, and varying terms and penalties built into a mortgage  
can have an enormous impact on how much you end up paying for your home purchase, which is why having an expert mortgage broker or agent on your side can be immensely beneficial for you.


Things to know about  arranging your 120-day mortgage rate hold with RMA Mortgages Brokers

Once a Vaughan or Toronto lender has agreed to hold their rates for 120 days (or any other period) the clock is ticking for you to get all your paperwork in order so that you can close your home purchase deal within this period of time. This is where you will find the experience and organizational capabilities of our RMA Mortgages brokers invaluable since we know exactly what information you need and when to be able to satisfy these requirements on time.

We will fill in all the forms and paperwork for you so as to streamline the mortgage application process and free up your time so you can concentrate on the more important task of finding the right Vaughan or Toronto home for you and your family.

Every lender has their own set of qualifications that will mean you are eligible for their type of loan. At RMA Mortgage we will verify whether you meet the requirements of each individual lender so that we know before applying that you can pre-qualify for their loan.

We can often negotiate better terms and interest rates that are significantly lower than those on offer elsewhere in the Vaughan and Toronto area. This is because we have worked many times in the past with all the 40+ lenders in our portfolio and our ability to point clients in their direction enables us to have some leverage in negotiating the most beneficial terms for our clients.

For more information about how to set up a 120 day mortgage rate hold or to talk to one of our experienced mortgage brokers about any aspect of applying for home purchase financing, please contact RMA Mortgages of Vaughan and Toronto.

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RMA Mortgages Brokers of Toronto and Vaughan: assisting GTA home buyers in arranging the best possible mortgage financing at the lowest available rates.

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