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When your mortgage is due for renewal it is the perfect time to take a look at the current mortgage lending market to see if there are better, more advantageous mortgage deals available for you at this time.

There is absolutely no reason for you to feel obliged to keep with your current lender, and it may well be in your financial interests and won’t cost you anything to switch to a new mortgage package.

The qualified and skilled agents at our Vaughan-based RMA Mortgages Brokerage firm can assist you in determining the best possible mortgage renewal deal for you, given your current financial circumstances.

It may be that you have changed employment since you took out your initial mortgage and would like to increase your mortgage payments to pay off your loan more quickly. Or perhaps the opposite has happened and you would like to negotiate reduced payments due to an unexpected reduction in income.

At RMA Mortgages we keep tabs on all the latest, most current mortgages available from more than 40 different lenders, including banks, trust funds, credit unions, private investors and other financiers.

We don’t represent any one, single, mortgage product and will shop around to find you the best possible mortgage deal to suit your own specific circumstances and financial situation. We always work with your best interests at heart to negotiate a mortgage renewal arrangement that you can pay comfortably and that will save you money over the long term.

RMA Mortgages brokers will help you by shopping around to find the best mortgage package for you. It takes time to assess all the current mortgage options available in the Vaughan-Toronto area, as well as insight and expertise to get to the bottom line on all the financial implications of the different terms, points, costs, fees,  and other expenses that together will delimit your monthly mortgage payments.

When you talk to an RMA Mortgages agent we will take up the search on your behalf and sift the wheat from the chaff so that you only need to focus on the mortgage renewal options that work in your best financial interests.

We recommend that you come to use around 4-6 months before your mortgage comes up for renewal so that there is plenty of time to assess all the options and set up the best possible deal for you in a calm and timely manner.

Many potential new lenders will guarantee their discounted rates over this time period and this can put you in a good position to negotiate your current lender down, too.

Not everyone realizes that you do not have to accept the renewal interest rates that your current lender offers. At RMA we know instantly when a lender is asking too much compared to the other more competitive deals on the market and can advise you and negotiate on your behalf to get the rates lowered.

So although it may seem more straight-forward to just sign on the dotted line and renew with your current lender, it may not be in your best financial interests. And when your policy comes up for renewal always remember that you have the upper hand – especially if you have good credit and have constantly made your payments on time.

Our final advice is - your mortgage payment is likely the largest monthly expense you have, so why not let RMA Mortgages agents help you to reduce it to the minimum by getting you the best possible mortgage renewal package?

With our patient, considered and thorough investigative approach and access to more than 40 mortgage lenders in the Vaughan and Toronto area we may be able to point you in the direction of considerable mortgage savings, not only in your monthly payments but also over the long term.


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